Last week, Alexander Downer described the decision  by the Solomon Islands to expel Australia’s High Commissioner as “an extraordinary, frankly rather outrageous thing to do … “. In another interview he called the decision “absolutely preposterous and outrageous”, and later “absolutely preposterous”.

Maybe the Foreign Minister plans to become a tabloid newspaper headline writer when he leaves politics:  

“I’ve never heard such a preposterous idea before.” — 2004

“It’s outrageous behaviour … ” — 2004.

“We … aren’t going to set up witch-hunts on the basis, frankly, of some absolutely outrageous criticisms … ” — 2004

“(Dr Mahathir) … has made an art form of outrageous statements.” — 2003

“It’s a free country, and he can say what he likes, and of course some of the comments that he made yesterday were fairly preposterous.” — 2006

“That is one of more preposterous allegations I’ve heard … ” — 2004

“No, actually as a matter of fact, I think that is quite a preposterous sort of proposition.” — 2004

” … what has happened here, I mean it’s just preposterous.” — 2006

“The suggestion … is, I think, a preposterous suggestion. It is a preposterous suggestion.” — 2006

“And to suggest that … is absolutely preposterous and outrageous.” — 2006

“To suggest that somehow that they’re all involved in a gigantic conspiracy on kickbacks – that is absolutely outrageous and preposterous.” — 2005

“I actually do think it is fairly outrageous. This proposition … is one of the more preposterous allegations I’ve heard … ” – 2004

“We’ve had the opportunity now, to go down and see the appalling devastation … It’s a simply shocking sight. Utterly appalling … ” — 2002

“The consequences … are too appalling to contemplate.” — 2005

” … and obviously we are appalled at that — there are some appalling people out there.” — 2005

“We’ve had the opportunity now, to go down and see the appalling devastation.” — 2002

“My objective is to bring to justice the people who are responsible for the absolutely shocking events of Saturday night.” — 2002

“I think what I’ve seen today is enough to break anyone’s heart. It’s … simply shocking…” — 2002

“It really is just shocking.” — 2002