If you needed any proof there’s SFA interest in women’s sport, consider the Australian netball team, which has effectively gone on strike and almost no-one has noticed.

Channel Nine was doing a story last night, but try Googling the issue and you’ll find more coverage out of New Zealand than from Australia. The Kiwis are worried that next month’s tour could be in jeopardy.

Netball Australia, though, isn’t calling this a strike – the players haven’t signed a contract with NA and therefore they’re not employed and therefore they can’t go on strike. There is the little matter of the camp that was supposed to start in Canberra a couple of days ago for the 16 players named in the national team – it had to be cancelled – but it still shouldn’t be called a strike.

The netball players have signed up with the AWU, but so far there hasn’t been much in the way of a media moment for Bill Shorten. Maybe he should have tried a higher profile sport.

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