It’s official. Crikey readers believe Midnight Cowboy should be screening on Queensland TV this Saturday night, election night. A gigolo dancing in the street in his hat at midnight reminds them of Peter Beattie. Plus Dustin Hoffman’s character dies on a bus. Healthcare just like Queensland.

James Cameron’s Titanic was a close runner up – an overwrought and overlong melodrama featuring young lovers just like Springborg and Flegg. We know what’s going to happen, but we still sit through it all. At three hours it’s longer than Bruce Flegg’s career as Liberal leader will be.

But that’s just Queensland. What else would make good election night viewing?

There’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – where an ageing, weary sheriff, drunk on power, is challenged by two gunslinging out-of-towners, determined to win back what they claim is rightfully theirs.

It seems to have vanished from the schedules altogether, but The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer where Peter Cook plays an opinion pollster parlaying his skills into a brilliant career as a populist pol is a prescient piece and perfect programming as a poll night program. And what about The Lost Weekend?

They’re all strong contenders, but Crikey readers have gone for a simpler choice.

The perfect election night viewing is It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.