Strong support for Labor yesterday in the Crikey Queensland Election contest with the predicted number of seats for Labor rising from 56 to 57. Slightly better news on the other Crikey Election Indicator based on the prices being offered by the nation’s bookmakers. Labor is now given “only” a 90% chance of victory, down marginally from last week’s 91.1%.

Not that I’ll be rushing out to have a bet. After taking the bookies’ margin into account you will win four cents for every dollar invested with Centrebet and two cents at Sportingbet.

Readers interested in testing their skill would be better off seeking the $250 worth of wine that is being offered to the winner of our contest which involves predicting the probability of a Labor victory in each of the 89 Queensland seats. Just go to and put a figure between 100 (when you think a Labor win is certain) and 0 (when you think Labor has no chance) in every square of the Crikey contest ballot paper.