It’s on! And both sides are up for it. Rupert Murdoch yesterday produced his first copy of his Pommy mX called TheLondonPaper to compete with Jonathan Harmsworth’s London Lite. Both papers have purple mastheads and both splashed on Steve Irwin’s perfectly timed death.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has given the new paper an interview which runs to a double-page spread. Livingstone is an outspoken opponent of Associated Newspapers, the owners of London Lite.

There is a page of business news, two pages of games, two pages of style and a two-page diary/celebs section. There are only two pages of TV guide, compared with four pages in London Lite, and nine pages of entertainment listings. The launch edition had two pages of health, a page of useful London info, a page called “thelondonlove” about dating and six pages of sport.

We will look at it in more detail tomorrow.