After posting security footage of a shoplifter swiping a Herald Sun TV Guide from his store, newsagency owner turned crime fighter Mark Fletcher closed in on his suspect yesterday afternoon as she tried to steal the Guide for a second time:

Just over an hour ago our TV Guide thief was back in the shop and stealing the TV Guide from the Herald Sun. Thanks to sharp work from our team and video footage from last week we caught her. The thief paid for last week’s paper and returned the insert from today… You really have to wonder why people risk their reputation by stealing a newspaper insert. Every newsagent should be on the lookout next Wednesday for this woman.

Fletcher told Crikey that he’d received a flood of feedback to his Crimestoppers style blog, but rather than provoking outrage for outing his suspect on the web (who seemed oblivious to her newfound stardom), the emails were mostly from supportive newsagents considering the same tactic.

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