Among columnist Andrew Bolt’s News Limited colleagues there are those who complain about his massive pay packet (rumoured to be over $300,000).  

But anyone who thinks Bolt has it easy is wrong. He’s batting away a constant barrage of bouncers from hostile opponents and fighting wars on a range of fronts. Here’s a glimpse of just one day in the life of Andrew Bolt, as seen through his blog entries on Tuesday August 29:

5.12am — Wake up. Post photos of Israeli soldiers

5.27am — Post sarcastic item crowing about the control orders imposed on Jack Thomas. “Now why would the Australian Federal Police have thought this necessary?”

5.42am — Take a pot shot at that soft Left Victorian Liberal party leader, Ted Baillieu, complete with funny line: “Red Ted Baillieu puts some Petro in his tank.”

5.53am — Have a slap at foreigners who complained about the song lyrics being imparted to their children by the local primary school — “…if even a primary school seems too sinful to such folk…”

6.00am — “When will this Government realise that the solution to having a growing population using a falling water supply might require actually finding more water to go around, rather than simply tying a knot in our hoses? Building a dam worked for centuries. May we try it again, or will the green gods damn us?”

6.32am — Defend Tony Abbott, who is “under attack from anti-Christian bigots in the media”.

6.38am — Quote Rod Liddle in The Times: “THIS is how far we have come in the past year or so. When an ICM poll of Britain’s Muslims in February this year revealed that 40per cent (that is, about 800,000 people) wished to see Islamic law introduced in parts of Britain, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality responded by saying that they should therefore pack their bags and clear off. Trevor Phillips’s exact words were these: “If you want to have laws decided in another way, you have to live somewhere else.”

6.57am Ridicule an aboriginal academic Jackie Huggins, for saying: “Now, as a historian myself, when school students ask me sometimes, “How old are you?”, I tell them I’m 70,000 years old.”

7.03am — Defend Aussie umpire Darrell Hair — “The ICC disgraces itself as it successfully switches the topic from cheating Pakistanis to greedy Hair”.

9.19am — Attack The Age, “that Bible for the social justice activist” over it’s Good Food Guide, which “punishes the Flower Drum for serving riff raff“.

9.30am — Attack SMH for being squeamish about identifying darkies and bogans: “The SMH has refused to publish one vital clue on the grounds of good taste. Here is the description of the men that the police actually gave the paper: The attackers have been described as being of Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean appearance with dark, mullet-style hair cuts.

9.56am — “Even Malaysia has trouble showing the world there is nothing to fear from Islam.”

Compare and contrast with Piers Akerman’s measly post on the same day, though he does score points for revivifying an old theme:

9.27am — IT’S no exaggeration to say that generations of Australian children and young parents have grown up with the ABC’s Play School.  Whether it was Big Ted, Little Ted, Noni or Benita, Lorraine, John or Don, viewers of all ages found some character they could identify with over the 40 years of its existence. But the harmless happy-family content has fallen victim to the nauseating politically-correct agenda that drives so much of the ABC’s news and current affairs programming on radio and television.