I forget how long ago we suggested the NSW Government wouldn’t allow Epping Road to be reduced to a single general lane in each direction before the March election, but it’s finally been confirmed by Minister for Expediency, Eric Roozendaal.

To avoid a repeat of the Cross City Tunnel traffic chaos and PR disaster, Eric “whatever gets us re-elected” Roozendaal will oversee the payment of undisclosed millions to the Lane Cove Tunnel operators as compensation for delaying the closure of most of Epping Road until after the election.

How does a skilled spinner like Roozendaal explain such a blatant waste of money? Well for a start, it’s “investing” not wasting government funds to avoid a repeat of the Cross City Tunnel chaos.

“The government is committed to getting this project right from day one so that it works properly,” harrumphs Eric.

“I think that is appropriate to the Lane Cove Tunnel project. I think it is common sense to transition those (road changes) in to avoid inconvenience to motorists.”

And once the election’s over, well, the punters have four years to get used to it.

Meanwhile, investigations are continuing into a dubious front-organisation for the Labor Party that could be responsible for the biggest branch-stacking scandal yet in Australian politics. Calling itself the Liberal Party, the Sussex Street stooges apparently have stacked numerous political branches to ram through their preferred candidates and policies to ensure the re-election of the Dilemma government against all odds.