Just how big an electoral punch could Telstra 1.6 million shareholders pack? According to the Oz’s front page splash this morning, Fury over Telstra’s polling, Testra managed to get a few Government noses out of joint when it asked Liberal Party pollster Crosby/Textor to look into just that question.

The Oz doesn’t say what the polling found, but a new Roy Morgan Poll asking similar questions has come up with some findings that will make backbenchers nervous. A special analysis of who Australian electors believe is “the best party for improving business in Australia” shows: 57% of Australian electors believe the L-NP and 25% the ALP. 

But 72% of electors who are Telstra shareholders say “best for business in Australia” is the Liberal and National Parties while only 16% of Telstra shareholders nominate the ALP. 

So Trujillo could cause havoc if he turns on Liberal-National Party candidates in seats where there are a large number of Telstra shareholders.

Roy Morgan Single Source Survey data confirms that Telstra shareholders represent 1.6 million Australian electors, far outstripping other major Australian companies like AMP (900K), CBA (740K), Coles Myer (600K), NAB (430K) and BHP Billiton (375K). Forty-nine percent of Telstra share owners told the Morgan Poll they vote for the Coalition (46% Liberal, only 3% Nationals), 32% say they vote Labor, 7% Greens, 6% others and 6% are undecided.  

All in all, quite a punch.

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