The white-anting of Sunday host Jana Wendt by Eddie McGuire and his Nine Network management team continues unabated with the most serious attempt yet to undermine her dropped in today’s Daily Telegraph.

It details her sidelining and reveals that two unnamed Sunday reporters have written to the program’s EP, John Lyons, expressing a lack of confidence in Wendt. Lyon’s reception to the letters and the names of those involved were not disclosed.

So which of Sunday‘s three reporters wrote letters to John Lyons? Ross Coulthart, Adam Shand and Sarah Ferguson are the three remaining reporters on Sunday.

We’ve sent emails to all three at the Nine Network asking if they were involved. But sources say that Coulthart is saying he was not involved.

Wendt was saying nothing this morning. She was busy writing a column for The Bulletin, according to Sunday staff.

Meanwhile rumours persist of a letter making amazing claims against Ms Wendt, former reporter Graham Davis and former senior producer, Peter Hiscock, having been delivered to a Sydney newspaper.

The reports say the paper concerned has located a person on a security camera delivering the letter to the loading dock of the paper and attempts are being made to identify the person.