The Australian takes the egg-beater to a highly sensitive issue that affects the way Australians think — in this case, the Victorian Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn a lower court’s guilty verdict against alleged terrorist Jack Thomas. But The Australian doesn’t limit its attack on the decision to its editorial comment: it uses its front page to blatantly insert comment into its news coverage and it also publishes an hysterical page-one commentary under the heading “Legal system releases the enemy”. So what’s new? Well nothing, except that within a few months the federal government intends to change the law to allow the biggest media companies in Australia to get even bigger. Which will give those media giants even more power to deploy their egg-beaters in ways that influence the way even more Australians think.  It’s a change that the government describes as adding to media “diversity”. Fewer owners, fewer viewpoints, the same egg-beaters. That’s the government’s idea of diversity.