It’s about time that Geoff Dixon started
including his own Qantas sick bag in the airline’s media kits.

Another press conference another diatribe
from the paid up president of the fat monopolists club. Pity poor Qantas. It’s
struggling with high fuel prices (gee, pretty alone there) and has to cut costs
to keep up blah blah blah. Another press conference another repeat story.
Forget re-runs of M*A*S*H; you get the same story from Dixon time after

This bloke is shameless and a breathless
hypocrite. According to Qantas Economics 101, governments should introduce more
competition in factor (aka labour markets) but not product markets. That way,
you get to use the IR laws but don’t have to face competition from those
terrible low cost Asian airlines, especially on the rivers of gold routes
across the Pacific.

Why don’t Federal MPs see through this
cr-p? And if they do, why don’t they do something about it? If Labor wanted to
give Dixon a campaign, then give him one – open skies, especially the Sydney to LA route.
Just like some bankers didn’t survive banking deregulation, the likes of Dixon aren’t likely
to survive airline deregulation. And if Dixon wants more
competition and productivity in Qantas’s workforce, then give it to him in
spades – including for him.