ACP’s magazine blues. It was
a bad six months for the country’s number one magazine
publisher, ACP Magazines with some of its leading titles losing
ground. House and Garden
dropped 10.1% of its circulation in the year to June, or 2509 copies a
month. Real Living rose 609 copies a month from its
start figure of 60,000. Women’s Weekly lost more than 4% of its circulation from June 2005 to this June (610,408 from 640,136) – a loss of more than
29,700 copies a month. Ouch! Which might explain why newish editor Lisa Green was shunted sideways to the House
and Garden
, Real Living titles and former editor Deborah Thomas returned from
exile as Editor in Chief. Meanwhile, all those millions spent on re-sizing and re-launching the “new look” Weekly seem to have been wasted (upwards of $5 million). And Alexander again escapes responsibility for a
management decision he drove: he’s now just CEO of PBL, while Ian law, recruited from WA
newspapers, has to repair the damage. Offsetting the Weekly‘s losses was a 2.1% (or
10,700 copy) gain for the Woman’s Day, up to 526,483 from
515,776. Take
, NW, Real Living and Shop Till You Drop all circulation gains for ACP, as was Madison,
started by Ingram’s Women’s Lifestyle group last year. The
added 218 copies to 60,760, with $1.90 free home delivery and Chinese-made sports watch offers boosting renewals.
The men’s magazines Ralph (down 2900
copies a month from June to June) and People and Picture (down 3,200 copies and
7,900 copies), would not have been good news for Men’s group publisher, Phil
Scott. But
perhaps the most worrying decline for ACP was in the circulations of Dolly, Cleo
and Cosmo, usually among the best
performers. Dolly‘s 2005 half year circulation averaged
155,167, down almost 9% over the year. Cleo
shed 2.6% of its June 2005 half year circulation, a loss of
5,167 copies. And
Cosmopolitan shed more than 15,300 copies June to June, or 6.7%. Meanwhile, the
flagship Gourmet Traveller (a favourite of Alexander) saw a 1% or 799 copy drop
June to June to 77,483 copies. Gourmet
Traveller Wine
shed 16.8% of its circulation
over the 12 months to June to reach just 23,128 copies, down more than 4,600
copies. Australian Table lost 7.1% over the June to June
year as well. – Glenn Dyer

Nine shifts. The Nine Network is on the move, investigating
potential new locations in Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney, Nine seems
quite opposed to moving to Foxtel at North Ryde even though it has
capacity and state of the art digital transmission facilities. Perhaps
because it is even further from the city than Willoughby and the rest
of the business would have to be located elsewhere. Nine is very
envious of Seven’s Martin Place studios (which the old line Seven
people didn’t want until they arrived there). But it’s in Melbourne
that Nine is moving first. Eddie McGuire, being an old Melbourne lad,
knows it better than Sydney, so its natural he will want to fix that
problem first. There are substantial capital profits to be made from
the Bendigo Street site in Richmond, even though it has a lot of
history on its side – not pre-requisite for advancement in the Nine
Network or PBL these days. But the sticking point is the studio
facilities. Ten and Seven are sharing at the new facilities which are a
joint venture at Coventry Street in Melbourne between Seven and Global
TV. The joint venture started on 1 July but there’s a feeling that
seven would not be happy to see Nine using the facilities (it could
through its Global stake, demand some rights). Seven uses the
facilities to produce programs like Dancing With The Stars, The Master
(gone), You May be Right, It Takes Two and others Ten uses it for programs like
Thank God You’re Here. – Glenn Dyer

The Sunday saga continues. Another Nine studio rehearsal this afternoon in the farce that is the revamping of the Sunday
program. Jana
Wendt will be in the chair in Studio 2 at Willoughby doing check shots against the new
set look, but there will be a second chair on the set as well, from
what I’ve been told by Studio 2 moles – to test a sports
journalist, apparently. Just live Weekend Sunrise
on Seven. More copying and not much original thought at all at Nine.
Ross Greenwood is locked in but is Ellen fanning? Because there are
hints out of Nine that she’s not signed on the dotted line, yet. So why
have Ross and Ellen been taking coffee off station with Nine execs?
Meanwhile, there are reports that an anonymous file with some odd
claims about Ms Wendt is being circulated in Sydney newspaper offices.
And finally, all this means is that we will have to watch this
weekend’s Sunday to see whether
Eddie McGuire has had Jana boned and/or filleted between this afternoon and
9am Sunday morning. That’s
one way to boost the audience, show a blood sport, live. Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: It will be another of those nights where Seven
will be wondering “how did we lose that?” about last night’s ratings. Nine
slipped home for a small but solid win over Seven, while Ten bounced on the back
of a couple of new shows. Seven successfully debuted Celebrity Survivor. But
Seven news was the most watched program with 1.368 million, Today Tonight
coming second with 1.357 million, Home and Away third with 1.353 million and then
Nine’s veteran Getaway
with 1.318 million. But that was over 90 minutes from 7.30pm to 9pm and
it won Nine the night, even though it was, in all honesty, a one-off
stunt edition of the program. Celebrity Survivor averaged 1.313 million
for Seven. (There was a solid turn on to the program at the start and then
during it as people left Nine and Ten at 9 pm). A Current Affair was 6th with
1.238 million, Nine News was next with 1.235 million, Seven’s My Name Is Earl,
1.147 million (down more than 260,000 on the previous week). Ten’s new program
David Tench Tonight a success at 1.147 million – very different – and the website
had 400,000 hits last night during and after the program. Ten apparently very happy. Two and A Half Men at 9pm on Nine averaged 1.062 million, Ten’s
Australia’s Brainiest Comedian at 7.30pm averaged 1.051 million (so there was
a 90,000 turn on to David Tench). Seven’s How I Met Your Mother, 1.041 million
(down 200,000 or so from last week, a pity) and The Boofs on the two Footy Shows
averaged a combined 1.022 million.

The Losers:Bert’s
Family Feud
down under 600,000 to 565,000, low compared to recent numbers. Deal
Or No Deal
averaged a low 784,000 as well, Ten News At Five was the winner with
857,000 people. Seven’s Bones at 9.30pm shed a couple of hundred thousand viewers
during the program and compared to last week to average 956,000. Not promising:
if it goes any lower good ol’ Jack from 24 won’t feel lonely.

News & CA: Seven News and Today Tonight had solid
wins over Nine News and A Current Affair. Seven News won by 130,000 viewers with
wins in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Melbourne. TT won by
119,000 with wins in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. ACA won Sydney.
The ABC News at 7pm averaged 954,000, The 7.30 Report 789,000. Sunrise beat
Today, 451,000 to 275,000. Today has been doing better this week but still
losing. The 6am to 7am Early Today is still losing but Sunrise is winning,
though the gap is narrower than it has been.

The Stats:
Nine won with a share of 30.9% (29.9% last week) from Seven with 29.0% (32.4%),
Ten was third with 21.1% (19.4%), the ABC with 12.2% (12.3%) and SBS with 6.8%
(6.1%). Nine won Sydney and Melbourne, Seven won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Nine leads the week 29.3% to 27.3%. In regional areas, Nine was the winner
through WIN/NBN with a 33.1% share from Prime/Seven with 28.7%, Sthn Cross (Ten)
with 19.3%, the ABC with 11.7% and SBS with 7.2%.

Glenn Dyer’s
After having three of the top five shows Seven will ask what
happened? A bit of stunt programming on Nine is what happened with the longer
Getaway. Ten’s trio of The Brainiest Comedian, David Tench and Ronnie Johns did
better than a week ago and that also drained viewers. Bones, Earl, and How I Met
Your Mother
all dropped viewers compared to a week ago. But Seven will be really
happy Celebrity Survivor worked after The Master and You May Be Right
disappointed viewers this week. Certainly it was a better audience than for the
US Survivors on Nine this year. Tonight it’s the AFL and NRL games for Nine v
Better Homes and Gardens on Seven. Ten will be just hunting for viewers. A night
to eat out perhaps if you don’t like football? Well Seven does have Robbie
Coltrane back at 8.45pm with a cracker movie. Now that’s worth watching.