Country Road yesterday
more than six management staff including the Womenswear
Designer & Product Development Manager (one person) and others from
Menswear, Quality Control and Distribution. More are expected to follow.

I’m told by someone who should know that the nationality of the boat people who landed off of WA this week is Burmese.

I work in the Sydney CBD. Yesterday we had a Black Hawk
chopper doing laps of Circular Quay and Hyde park. We could hear and
feel it coming in our office. Today, we’ve just had 3 buzz over us, flying
lower than my 26th storey office. What is going here?

The Age
has been running a
poll on whether the ABC should run advertising. This email is doing the
rounds from the ABC as follows, loading the vote: “The Age is running a
poll today on whether the ABC should be allowed to run ads. Please take
the time to go to the link and vote.”