Peter Beattie wasn’t the only one to go to Government House in Brisbane yesterday. I hear the police were there too because the Governor, Quentin Bryce, has recently had personal jewellery stolen from her accommodation area in Government House. The security must be pretty ineffective if you can get into the Governor’s bedroom and steal her tiara.

Australian Defence Force Academy intranet is riddled with p-rn shared around training defence officers.

Townsville soldiers (1RAR) returned from Iraq have been given medals but are not allowed to wear them and got in trouble when they tried to wear them on Anzac Day because they are not yet gazetted and they do not know when they will be allowed.

What is going on at Moore Park Golf Club? Some board Members have suddenly been removed. A letter has been sent to the Club members but not stating why.

Electrical manufacturer HPM (Australia’s biggest, I think) has just given up trying to force its workers onto AWAs after union pressure. I work in the same building and there is currently a union meeting going on on the lawn outside, which I overheard.