Christian Kerr writes:

Australians know all about the strife in Darfur, but our media has paid
little attention to the murderous 20 year war in Sudan
between the Arab, Islamist north and the African, Christian and animist south –
despite the loss of two million lives and the increasing number of refugees
from the conflict who have arrived in our country over recent years.

Today, Lieutenant General James Wani Igga, the Speaker of the Interim
Government of South Sudan, is visiting Parliament House. Igga is the most
senior South Sudanese leader to come to Australia.

The government of the North in Khartoum – rightly
– are international pariahs. It’s a scumbag state. A legal system inherited
from British colonialists has been replaced by Shari’a law. You may recall that
Khartoum let a bloke by the name of Bin Laden set up his tent there for a
while. Bill Clinton sent a couple of cruise missiles that way. Non-Muslims there have
suffered violence, grotesque torture and a denial of fundamental human rights. There
are even accusations that the North tolerates slavery.

Sudan has oil. That means those energy hungry democrats – not – the
Chinese have a strong presence in the country. They’ve helped Khartoum with arms
and have been accused of “underwriting genocide”.

Sudan has gold and diamonds, too. And – wait for it – uranium.

It’s located in North Africa, just across the Red Sea from Saudi
Arabia. An interesting country in an interesting part of the world,
in the middle of the clash of civilisations.

Here’s hoping Igga gets a good turnout at
his doorstop this afternoon. Australians deserve to know more about Sudan –
and Sudan deserves our help.