Apparently about six weeks ago, one of Canberra’s top public
servants (TPS) was entering the office to park and was blocked by a
garbage truck. The TPS got out of the car and told the garbos to f-ck
off. As the story goes, one of them grabbed the TPS and bent the TPS’s
arm up behind the TPS’s back. At that point, a cleaner entered the
basement, distracted the garbos, the TPS escaped, cops called, capsicum
spray used to subdue the garbos, all very quiet since.

Which England-based World Cup Socceroo had his luggage lost for three days by Socceroo sponsor Qantas when he returned to Australia from Germany?

Surely it is inappropriate for the Bracks government to continue to pay Mark Dreyfus QC $4000 a day to represent it at the toxic dump inquiry when he is the endorsed candidate for the seat of Isaacs at next year’s Federal election?

Heard anything much from the St James Ethics Centre recently?
Neither have I, especially since they were sprung last year for
pronouncing Bob Carr an ethical appointment to Macquarie Bank – without
disclosing that they receive healthy bankrolling from that very same
bank. Is that why they’ve taken to cold-calling various non-profits and
lobby groups offering to sell them advice on ethics? It looks like
either a struggle for relevance or a struggle for cash. Either way,
we’re not sourcing our ethical advice from telemarketers!

Peter Fray

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