Queensland Premier Peter Beattie is citing the Member for Bundaberg’s
resignation for causing him to hightail it to the Governor this
morning to notify her of his intention to hold an early general
election on 9 September, but
perhaps he was just trying to beat the daily mail delivery.

It seems a formal letter from Beattie announcing the snap poll reached
some Queensland constituents by
Australia Post early this morning – more than four hours before the news was officially

Maroochydore resident Dawn Blowers called in to Brisbane’s
612 this morning to tell them she had received the letter at 7.30am, and that it must have been posted in Brisbane
yesterday to reach her mailbox today.

After Blowers raised the alarm, it soon emerged that the
same letter had also turned up early at other homes on the Sunshine
Coast, the Gold Coast and in
Bundaberg. It reads:

Dear (Constituent),

I have called a general Queensland State Election for the
upcoming month. Your local candidate (candidate’s name) is ready to help you
have your say.

Unemployment is at a 30-year-low, our economy continues to
grow at a rate higher than the national average and business investment is at
an all time high.

In addition to sound economic management, my Government has
been focused on getting the basics right like securing water during the worst
drought in 100 years and building a better health system through the Health
Action Plan.

To secure water for the South East, my Government has been
working on a range of projects, including:

  • building a water grid connecting dams throughout the region
  • building two new dams, one at Traveston Crossing near
    Gympie and the other at Wyaralong near Boonah and expanding or creating four
    other water storages
  • constructing a water pipeline to provide recycled water to
  • delivering $87 million worth of rebates to help make our
    homes and businesses waterwise.

The $9.7 Billion Health Action Plan is my government’s
blueprint to tackle the problems in the health system. Since June 2005 the
Health Action Plan has already delivered:

  • 339 additional hospital beds
  • 311 extra doctors
  • 1,358 extra nurses

I know much more needs to be done to equip the Queensland
health system to meet current demands and those of the future. Tackling these issues requires strong leadership to make the
hard decisions and strong economic management to fund the solutions.

This is an important election for Queensland’s

Yours sincerely,

Peter Beattie Premier.