Yesterday, Lord Stevens wrote a column in News of the World
which is linked here in full. I
commend it to ordinary Australians to read, not the ranting proto-fascists that
responded to my profiling piece last week.

Lord Stevens is the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner,
a man with long police experience in dealing with terrorism. Here are some extracts:


WHEN will the Muslims of Britain stand up to be counted?

When will they declare, loud and clear, with no
qualifications or quibbles about Britain’s foreign policy, that Islamic
terrorism is WRONG?

Most of all, when will the Muslim community in this country
accept an absolute, undeniable, total truth: that Islamic terrorism is THEIR
problem? THEY own it. And it is THEIR duty to face it and eradicate it.

To stop the denial, endless fudging and constant wailing that
somehow it is everyone else’s problem and, if Islamic terrorism exists at all,
they are somehow the main victims.

Equally important, those British politicians who have seemed
obsessed with pandering to, and even encouraging, this state of denial, must
throw off their politically-correct blinkers and recognise the same truth—that
Muslim terrorism in Britain is the direct responsibility of British

I’m a white 62-year-old 6ft 4ins suit-wearing ex-cop—I fly
often, but do I really fit the profile of suicide bomber? Does the young mum
with three tots? The gay couple, the rugby team, the middle-aged businessman?

No. But they are all getting exactly the same amount and
devouring huge resources for no logical reason whatsoever. Yet the truth is
Islamic terrorism in the West has been universally carried out by young Muslim
men, usually of ethnic appearance, almost always travelling alone or in very
small groups. A tiny percentage, I bet, of those delayed today have such

All this would suggest the blindingly obvious—that terrorism
is a major problem for the Muslim community of Britain. Of course, there will be
instant squealings that this is racism. It’s not. It’s exactly the same as
recognising that, during the Northern Ireland troubles that left thousands dead,
the IRA were totally based in the Catholic community and the UVF in the

And that, most importantly, IRA terrorism only began to draw
to a close when that Catholic community it was based in decided as a whole that
it was no longer prepared to back violence as the only way forward.
Interestingly, it was Catholic revulsion over republican terrorist atrocities
such as Enniskillen and Omagh that fuelled that change.

Well, Muslim terrorism in Britain is based in, has its roots
in, and grows in, our Muslim community”

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