Islamic terrorists have been prevented from committing mass
murder and destruction by the excellent work of the British police
forces. Australia must now look to its homeland security as well. Our skies must be kept safe.

Now is the time to be honest about Islamic profiling. It is
Muslim plane passengers who pose the terrorist threat to Australians. Not all
Muslim passengers, but certainly some of them. Australia desperately needs an adequate identity card
system. Religion should be stated on the ID card. This will increase the
chances of identification of Islamic terrorists. No flight tickets could then
be purchased without proper ID.

Australia cannot risk the lives of its citizens in some sort
of game of Islamic Roulette. We know with absolute certainty that terrorists will come
from the Muslim community. It is in our interest and theirs that Islamic
terrorist attacks do not occur. Part of the price Muslims will have to pay is

Australian Muslim leaders must admit publicly that the
terrorist threat comes from their people. Those leaders must support effective
profiling procedures that will protect Muslims and the rest of

For too long, Political Correctness has forced us to look
away and pretend that Muslims are not the threat. We must now acknowledge the
threat of radical Islam in Australia before it is too late.

Surely all of Islamic Australia wants nothing more than a
peaceful, terror-free Australia where we can all live in tolerance and
harmony. I certainly do. Accordingly, Muslims must embrace profiling until this
crisis is over. (And please do not rush to call me a racist – Islam is a
religion, not a race).