Canberra politics was abuzz this
morning after Labor leader Kim Beazley and Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey
came to verbal blows outside Parliament House in front of reporters
over changes to the migration laws.

But the biggest shock came
when Tuckey was forced to respond after Beazley called him “weak”.
Instead of offering a thoughtful rebuttal, Tuckey resorted to the
lowest of blows – he called Kim Beazley a “fat so and so”.

That’s gotta hurt. And rather unfair, as Beazley is a noticeably leaner
“so and so” than he was a year ago. In fact, Crikey understands the
Opposition Leader has lost 15 kilos since December, due to a regime of
healthy eating, running and swimming.

According to Ninemsn – which has the playground battle transcript (and video) here – the interplay went like this:

“Oh here’s Kim,” Mr Tuckey said as he spotted Mr Beazley.

“This is not about Liberals, this is about you mob,” he said, referring to Labor.

Mr Beazley, with a faint smile, first told Mr Tuckey to “take your tablets”.

“Don’t you insult me with tablets,” Mr Tuckey shot back.

“I’m asking you why you are defying the Australian people on border protection.”

With a hand on Mr Tuckey’s shoulder, Mr Beazley urged the Liberal MP: “Off you go mate, off you go, off you go mate.”

But Mr Tuckey refused to move, saying he was entitled to stand outside the doors of parliament.

“Now I’m interviewing you, I’m asking you why your entire party is
going to kill off legislation that the Australian people want,” Mr
Tuckey said.

The clash then became more heated and the two West Australian politicians closed in on each other, chins thrust forward.

Mr Beazley said Mr Tuckey was supporting “weak sop legislation”.

“Why don’t you take your weak, worthless self in there with the weak,
worthless piece of legislation,” the Labor leader said, pointing
towards the parliament doors.

Tuckey fired back angrily: “Don’t you call me weak … you fat so and so.”

PICTURE: Courtesy of Sky News