Secularism has
gone too far. It’s given us Nazi Germany. We have to do something about the
denigration of Christian values in a public level.

Sounds like
Fred Nile? Nope. The Oz reports that some 300 people gathered for a Parliamentary Christian forum,
including John Anderson and Kevin Rudd.

Nationals leader John Anderson opened the forum with the PM’s message endorsing
the forum. The PM reckons “Judeo-Christian values” were one of three things “central
to the development of Australian values”.

Anderson claimed
separating church and state was a Christian concept. Yeah right.

Try telling
that to Christian historians like William Dalrymple who immersed himself in Eastern Orthodox history and theology while
walking the path of St John Moscos, one of the last Byzantine saints. The Orthodox world lived without a Reformation, and Orthodox
Churches continue to play a powerful institutional role in governments of many
Orthodox-majority states.

Christian ALP
Queenslander Kevin Rudd reminded the forum that being Christian doesn’t
automatically make you conservative. He claimed Work Choices was the single most hostile
policy when it comes to preserving families. But that’s not where the hypocrisy
and waffle about “heritage” and “values” ends.

One sure
litmus test of Christian values will be which Christian MPs show Christian
compassion to asylum seekers. If The
reports correctly, Howard doesn’t exactly resemble a good Samaritan.

Then there’s
Christ’s famous blessing for the “peacemakers”. But Mr Howard’s lack of
enthusiasm for a Middle East ceasefire hardly
makes him a prime candidate for Christ’s title of “children of God”. Perhaps
his version of Judeo-Christian values allows a Jewish state to have more time to
drop more bombs on Christians and Muslims in Lebanon.

My old school
chaplain told us saying sorry doesn’t make you any smaller in the Lord’s eyes.
When will Christian MPs lead us in apologising to Indigenous Aussies separated
from parents and siblings?

When allegedly Christian MPs tell us about the need to
restore Christian values, they’d sure sound more convincing if they practised
and legislated what they preached.

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