In an
interview in this week’s Bulletin magazine (the last one edited by Garry
Linnell, Nine’s new News and Current Affairs boss),
Sunday host Jana Wendt talked to Australian conductor, Simone
Young. Young left Opera Australia several years ago after a
disagreement with the board, so when Wendt spoke to Young the matter of departures naturally arose. And
here’s the quote:

And a
boundary-less vision may well have been the issue that brought her three-year
appointment as music director of Opera Australia crashing down in 2002. In a
scandal of operatic dimensions, Young was, to use the current vernacular,
“boned” by the board. Although the air was thick with charges of
high-handedness, authoritarianism and abrasiveness, according to Young, it was
money – or the company’s lack of it – that sank her.

“Boned by the board”. And to think The Bulletin‘s subs, and no doubt
Gary Linnell, left that niggling reminder in the Wendt interview. The
phrase has some sensitivity around Nine, ACP and PBL but it was a good
move – to have subbed it out would have been petty.

Meanwhile stories
persist that Sunday is not a
happy place with the revamp said to be causing tensions. Some staff
wonder if Sarah Ferguson, a video journalist hired by EP John Lyons,
will hang around in the much diminished program after the revamp takes
shape early next month or if she will head for the ABC to join her
partner, Tony Jones.

Peter Fray

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