Michael Pascoe writes:

Credit where it’s due – the AFR didn’t have
a scoop in naming the new AWB CEO yesterday as falsely reported by someone (me)
who didn’t check the provincial press.

The West Australian and The Age were both
ahead of the Fin, with the Worst leading the way. The Age‘s Full Disclosure column on Monday did have the interesting historical footnote that the rumoured
new boss for the disgraced wheat monopolist, Gordon Davis, was one of the
authors of John Hewson’s 1993 Fightback! policy. Whether that’s a positive or negative for a
CV depends on whether you regard concepts or political outcomes as the more

The bigger point is that the Davis appointment
remains a rumour. Despite being reported in three newspapers and the
authoritative Crikey.com.au, there’s no word from AWB. Oh well, disclosure
hasn’t been their strong point.

Peter Fray

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