Misha Ketchell writes:

Is Israel losing the PR battle in the Middle-East? A new Roy Morgan poll has found that 34% of Australians blame Israel
and America for the recent escalation of violence compared to only 24%
who say Hezbollah and its sympathisers (Iran, Syria, Palestine and
Hamas) are responsible.

According to the poll, 7% of Australians blame religion, 5% human
nature/society in general, while just 4% blame Lebanon – the scene of
the most intense battles thus far.

Four in five (79%) of Australians say that Israel
should try to negotiate a ceasefire, 12% say Israel should continue to
use military force in Lebanon and 9% don’t know or can’t say.

A higher proportion of women (88%) are in favour of a ceasefire than
men (71%), while younger Australians, particularly those aged 14 to 17
(85%) are most in favour of peace. More than double the number of
Australians sympathise with Israel (33%)
than they do with Hezbollah (15%), while 27% say they sympathise with
“neither” side, 8% sympathise with both sides “equally” while 17% don’t
know or can’t say.

This telephone Roy Morgan Survey was conducted on 26/27 July with an Australia-wide cross-section of 644 men and women aged 14
and over.

You can read the full results here.