• One more time, Israel turned life into death in the village of Qana where Christ supposedly attended a wedding and turned water into wine… Ten years ago Israel massacred more than 100 refugees in a UN base in Qana. And Israel went unpunished. – Beirut Notes

  • Yet another massacre in Qana. 57 dead among them 27 children…and
    counting. And if this is the story in the south, then the rest of
    Lebanon has many shattered dreams to gather and rebuild… The Lebanese
    are tired of war. My brother told me today that the
    Lebanese are not willing anymore to pay LL5,000 per a gallon of gas in
    the name of resistance. The northerners might not be fighting amongst
    their southern nationals, but they’re housing the displaced and paying
    the electricity and water bills for the southerners. And this is not
    just something new. All of Lebanon pays the price for war.
    Israel will not achieve much through its aggression. Military solutions
    are old and tired solutions. They take away lives, shatter the dreams
    and make out of civilised people aggressors. If PM Seniora does
    not quickly and swiftly move forward with blanketing the country with
    state sovereignty, then Lebanon will head to civil war and the exodus
    of dreams will continue. – Doha onThe Lebanese Bloggers

  • This small Southern village is perceived by Israeli officials as a
    strong foothold for Hezbollah. It was declared that Israel had warned
    civilians in Qana to leave the village before hitting it. But does this
    justify this unhuman act that cannot be accepted in any standards? – Lebanese Political Journal

  • To Israelis: Before believing your IDF’s bullsh-t about
    Hezbollah hiding in that building, try just for a minute to imagine
    yourself stuck under a ton of rubbles, alive, but not being able to
    move because the beasts next door refuse to allow cranes to come and
    remove the rubbles. I’m sure you’d rather die a much quicker death! You
    lack all sense of human and moral decency. You teach your children to
    write love letters on bombs and missiles that are eventually sent to
    kill other children. You are and you’ll always be my enemy. A word to
    Condoleezza Rice: I would rather die before I see the day we shake
    hands with those monsters. – The Beirut Spring

  • What Israel did today was grotesque and horrible beyond words. It’s too
    easy to channel this anger into revenge and then translate this into
    increased support for Hizballah, especially for all those excited
    political activists out there who don’t actually live in this country
    or care deeply about it falling into further oblivion. But if Hizballah
    does indeed retaliate tonight or tomorrow by shooting a missile into a
    civilian area – essentially committing the same kind of crimes that
    Israel does, albeit on a smaller scale – then things are only going to
    get worse for us, all of us. – Beirut Live

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