• The IDF struck over 60 targets
    today, including dozens of Hizbullah weapons caches, vehicles that were
    transporting arms, and the very rocket launchers used by Hizbullah to
    fire a new kind of missile at the Afula area (the furthest south they
    have reached until now) on Friday. The IDF is still not certain on the
    exact extent of damage inflicted on Hizbullah’s rocket-firing
    capabilities, but estimate that their medium-range rocket arsenal has been definitely reduced. Hizbullah fired
    over 90 Katushas at our northern communities today, with 5 people
    sustaining light shrapnel wounds. And this evening, Hizbullah leader
    Hassan Nasrallah continued with his verbal barrage of threats, vowing to strike towns in central Israel, and referring
    to Israel as a “temporary country” (in case you don’t yet understand
    Hizbullah’s ultimate aim), as well as a “slave of the US.” – Israelly Cool

  • You are being led to believe that Israel’s soldiers are a bloodthirsty
    lot who apparently can’t restrain themselves from blowing up Lebanese
    civilians for fun and sport. Forget that the building in Qana was
    supposed to have been empty of civilians after days of leafletted
    warnings and unmistakable nearby attacks. Forget that this civilian
    area was the launching point for over a hundred missiles that have been
    aimed and fired without regret or remorse into the civilian heart of
    our cities for two and a half weeks. Forget that the intended target of
    the strike was Nasrallah’s missiles and their Hizballah crews cowering
    inside the building between launches – Hizballah forces that knew full
    well who was in the basement, even if the IDF did not. Forget that the
    IDF had done all it could, and had every reason to believe it was
    targeting missile crews, not civilians. You are just supposed to
    believe that civilian death is what Israel’s military wants. I’ll
    guarantee you it’s not. – AbbaGav
  • Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman talking about Southern
    Lebanese families who slept with Hezbollah missiles hidden in their
    houses: “When you sleep with a missile sometimes you don’t wake up in the morning.” – An Unsealed Room
  • I have no pleasure when truly innocent enemy civilians are killed, but
    we are in a war and war is not a picnic. I can only repeat what (columnist Rafi) Ginat
    stated so eloquently: “May their innocents die instead of ours.” – Cosmic X in Jerusalem