On Friday I drew attention to the IPA’s list of 20 recommended books; interesting enough, but pretty tame compared to what the American
think-tanks get up to.

Have a look, for example, at this effort from the Cato Institute: it’s an interactive map
of botched paramilitary police raids. You can zoom in down to street
level, switch between map and satellite photo, and click on the little
balloons to get details of individual incidents.

Cato is
occasionally described as “conservative”, but it’s actually
libertarian: very pro-market, but also anti-war and pro-civil
liberties. If there’s an empty niche in Australia waiting for someone
like the I.P.A. to fill, that’s probably it.

And it’s not as if
there’s any shortage of local material. So who’ll be the first to map
out Australian police malfeasance for us?

Peter Fray

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