Glenn Dyer writes:

From the Fairfax Business Unit comes more news of the new look BRW under editor Peter Roberts and group publisher Michael Gill.
Instead of writing about corporate matters, superannuation, personal finance and tax (with some markets thrown in), BRW
is going to be concentrating on “innovation and accounting stories,
issues”. Hopefully that will mean there’s still an occasional story on
a company and what it is doing.

Yes, innovation is important, but
where’s the action been in the past three years and will continue to be
for some time? In boring old-world resources and dull materials like
copper, iron ore, coal, oil and the like. Yes there’s innovation in all
areas, especially energy, but you need someone who can explain it in
corporate terms and subject the corporate spin to a bit of experienced

Deputy Editor John Kavanagh is bound for banking ezine The
Sheet and the highly valued Phil Rennie is also leaving. He apparently
wanted redundancy, Gill wouldn’t give it to him (the payout must have
been something huge because Rennie came to BRW from
the old Rydges magazine that Bob Gottliebsen bought when he was running
BRW). Rennie is one of the best company
writers in the country and to get rid of him (he was offered jobs elsewhere in
Fairfax, but
where would you go – Glen Burge’s regime at the AFR?) shows that Roberts and
Gill have no idea what’s happening in Australian business.

would have been smarter to key Rennie,
Trevor Sykes and a few old grey heads together to write an online investment
ezine – daily and weekly – but Glen Burge will do
anything to protect the Monday to
Saturday print version of the AFR.

Peter Fray

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