Now that you are hot under the collar
about Ron Walker’s trading in FXJ, you might also have a look at Nicholas
Moore’s trading in MMGCA (Macquarie Media Group) earlier in the year. Moore’s
share purchases (about $3 million worth) took place at a time when there
was very little transparency in the market around the dividends that would
flow from the Taiwan business that MMG had acquired. Moore is a director
of MMG, as he is with all of the satellite funds.

The subsequent sharp increase in MMG
share price when the facts were properly presented at the Macquarie Emerging
Leaders conference a couple of months later was a strong guide to the impropriety
of Moore’s actions – in my view.

I am happy to provide a properly researched
& purely factual piece on this – but only if you publish under your
name rather than mine. If you do want this, it will take me a week
to properly pull together.

. . . .. .on other fronts – my
side enterprise Member Insight achieved the distinguished result of seeing
Solagran (SLA) put into trading halt for five hours yesterday, for no good
reason at all.

Let me know if you are interested.


Peter Fray

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