The Greens seem to be prepared to use any
excuse to get their logo on TV, going by an email from NSW Greens political education worker James Diack:

Dear Members and Supporters

In response to the growing crisis in Lebanon and Palestine an emergency rally has been called by The
Australian Arabic Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian and Lebanese
People, a group representing over 50 community organisations. The Rally is this
Saturday, details are below:

12noon Saturday 22 July, Hyde Park North, Sydney

Greens triangles and placards will be provided –
please meet on the east side of the fountain.

Israel is continuing to inflict collective
punishment on the Lebanese and Palestinian people, bombing apartment complexes,
ports, bridges, roads leading out of Lebanon, water sanitation plants and power plants.
Over 210 people have been killed in Lebanon alone, all but fourteen of them civilians.

Much media commentary has focused on Australian
nationals stuck in Lebanon, but little attention is being paid to the
millions of Lebanese and Palestinians who are being forced to endure the
indiscriminate Israeli military aggression.

There have been protests throughout the world,
including in Israel, against the attacks. Join with this
international movement to demand an immediate end to the outrageous and
flagrant breaches of human rights and the needless death and destruction.

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle issued a press release on
this issue yesterday, which can be seen here.

can doubt that there’s a
humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. However, it might be nice for
the Greens to
admit that the Israelis have never said that their primary goal is wipe
Palestinians or the Lebanese from the face of the earth – unlike
comments made by Hezbollah, Hamas or the countries that sponsor their
terrorism about the Jewish