In all the brouhaha over the antics of NT Deputy Speaker Len Kiely,
is the media missing another story? Did a Territory minister recently
have to be assisted off a plane in Darwin after a stressful summit in
Canberra with red wine all over their bottom half?

I am a travel agent,
and we work under a large banner name of travel chains. It has been
suggested by our head office that our once colourful window displays of
large cruise ships are to be removed and replaced with Korean Air
advertising. We had a visit from a sales rep from P&O who asked why
we removed their promotions. Our reply has been to say, “No-one wants to
sail on your cruise line any more and clients turn their nose up at the
brochures, especially women.” Cancellations are high and we are selling
more of Bali now than ever in the past three years.