• The Israelis are killing our children and mothers and Nasrallah
    wants to fight on. Who is he to decide to fight on? Who gave him the right to
    fight on? We, the Lebanese people, have elected a parliament and a government
    and they decide our future, not some ignorant cleric. We all know how powerful
    and criminal Israel
    can be and we all saw what it did in Gaza.
    So what is this bearded monkey doing? – Beirut Notes
  • Hezbollah, your strategy is foolish for two reasons. First,
    it completely misreads the Israeli collective psyche… Don’t forget that
    Israelis are much more united around Olmert than the Lebanese are around
    Hezbollah. Second, only players of equal size can play chicken. A Mini Cooper
    can’t race towards a roaring truck hoping to scare it away. Israel
    has the capacity to crush Lebanon,
    but Hezbollah is relatively just an annoying mosquito. – Beirut Spring
  • Hezbollah’s specialty is asymmetrical warfare. The
    militiamen are hiding and Israel
    is hitting everything except its primary target. Those who think that this war
    is against Hezbollah should check the facts twice. I would support a war
    against Hezbollah, but… Israel
    has bombed Jounieh, an area where the population used to offer food to Israeli
    officers in the 80s. Batroun, Halat, Tripoli
    and the North have also been attacked. There are no Shias in these areas, let
    alone Hezbollah fighters – not that the presence of Shia in a neighbourhood is
    sufficient to make it a legitimate target. – Vox’s Den
  • Air raids on my home city, Tripoli.
    Baalback was hit 16 times. The village
    of Ghraifeh in the Chouf mountains
    has been shelled. On the other side, Katyusha rockets hit Nasira and other
    areas around the city. Update 2: Why are they hitting Tripoli?
    Talked to my family; Israelis hit a place next to our house. They hit Al-Abdeh
    area in Akkar, which means that the only way out of Lebanon
    on the northern front has been hit. And now I found out that what’s being hit
    in the north are Army posts. WHY?????!!!! Also along the way on the
    Damascus-Beirut road, shelling is taking place on Bekaai villages. Is the plan
    to isolate Lebanese completely from the outside world?!!!! – Doha on The Lebanese
  • The Israeli army, it seems, is doing its best to legitimise
    Hezbollah and create new enemies in Lebanon.
    It is becoming obvious that the objective is no longer the “destruction of
    Hezbollah”, but the destruction of the state and its institutions. – From Beirut
    to the Beltway
  • No more hiding in links. The pictures are going to be laid
    bare. This is not something I can be decent about any more. The world has to see
    what is happening in Lebanon.
    This is not a Hezbollah militant. This is not a terrorist. This could have been
    you. This could have been my family… – Letters Apart

Peter Fray

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