• 3:36am Israeli Planes Over Beirut: I don’t know if any bombs were just dropped, but I just heard jets flying
    over Beirut for the first time in two days (since passenger planes stopped flying into the airport). Tonight, friends talked me into going out to Beirut’s lively Gemayze area, renowned for raucous nightlife. The area was dead. Only a few places were open, and they were dead and filled with Americans who all commented on how strange it was to be the only people left going out in town. The normally loud city is silent. I’ve never heard it this quiet. Most friends have left town. I still hear jets flying over the city, but no sonic booms. WAIT! I just saw a flash of light, and the rumbling is loud. THEY’RE BOMBING. – Lebanese Political Journal
  • The airport is being shelled yet again!
    Update: Fires erupted as a result of the fuel tanks being bombed at the airport. Update 2: The more Israeli warplanes hit and kill Lebanese civilians, the more Hizbullah fights back. Hizbullah has shelled Safad in northern Israel killing one civilian and injuring ten others. Update 3: The Damascus-Beirut International Highway is being shelled. – The Lebanese Bloggers
  • The radicals, on both sides of the border, win again. Hard luck for us, evil always wins in this game of politics, and the ignorant are always the ones to laugh last. – Akhu Ikhtu
  • The Israeli Navy is imposing a maritime blockade alongside the entire Lebanese shores. This will add to the de-facto air blockade that resulted from bombing the airport. Just to be clear, the blockade is NOT intended to prevent the smuggling of the two Israeli soldiers by sea. Had Hezbollah wanted to smuggle the soldiers outside of Lebanon, the easiest way would be to do it through the more-than-happy-to-help Syria. The blockade has one clear purpose: To make life miserable for the Lebanese in order to exert pressure on Hezbollah. – Beirut Spring
  • Silence Lebanon: July 13, 2006. This child’s entire family was killed.Letters Apart
  • This is a leaflet [see right] dropped earlier tonight. It Basically reads: Duck Motherf-ckers!!! Signed: State of Israel. – Jamal’s Propaganda Site

  • Yater was bombed and a civilian family was caught under the rubbles of their home with their children. Yater is one km away from Kafra. Kafra is my home town, now I have to worry about my sister in law who was trapped there with her two children and a foetus. They are here for the summer vacation. Kafra is less than five km from Qana. – UrShalim
  • Lebanon was celebrating the proceeds from its last divorce settlement.It was attracting herds of tourists, its land values were being bid up and its citizens were relishing the prospect of long overdue wealth.
    But today the mood has changed. The emergency doors are not working. The phone lines are down. – Ms Levantine
  • Let it be known to all. We are scared, our lives are on the line, our country is history, but it’s all our fault. Each and every one of us. These are the people we elected, these are the people we let freely thrive in their little haven of hatred and murderous ideals, and this is us, scared and incapacitated, failing but to point fingers and complain. – Welcome to my Lebanese dream

Top image courtesy of Nostalgia blog.

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