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Last night’s TV ratings

The winners: Thursday night saw Nine and Seven play swapsies, based
on how the post 9.30pm programming goes; Its a case of you win, I win, depending
on the network’s point of view. Last week it was Seven, a smidge ahead of Nine;
last night it was Nine, with a solid win over Seven. Seven News was the most
watched program with 1.533 million people, then Nine’s old stager, Getaway,
with 1.479 million, Today Tonight was next with 1.463 million, Seven’s My Name
Is Earl
was fourth with 1.462 million, Nine News was fifth with 1.384 million, Lost
was sixth with 1.357 million, Temptation seventh with 1.234 million, just ahead of
Home and Away with 1.219 million. A Current Affair was ninth with 1.219 million and
Seven’s How I Met Your Mother was tenth with 1.196 million. Ten’s Medium was 11th
with 1.195 million, Two and A Half Men bored
1.148 million desperate, Law and Order arrested 1.097 million viewers and The
New Adventures of Old Christine
attracted 1.083 million former Seinfelders. Big
averaged 1.050 million turkey lovers and the Footy Show 1.044 million
people who like their TV a bit blue, a bit thumpy and a bit “mediocre”, to quote
Sam Newman out of context.

The losers: Losers? Bert’s Family Feud back up to 714,000. It didn’t
help Nine News or ACA though. Seven’s How I Met Your Mother and Nine’s The New
Adventures of Old Christine
; less than impressive at the moment. Hopefully both
will build. West Wing, 427,000 on the ABC. It’s solid, it’s earnest but gee it’s
boring. 24, 785,000 played “Where’s Jack?”. It’s probably why Seven failed to win
the night along with the solid effort at 7.30pm by Nine’s

The stats: Nine won with a share of 30.2% (28.1%) from Seven with
29.0% (28.2%), Ten was third with 22.9%(19.5%), the ABC with 12.4% (11.8%) and
SBS with 5.4% (5.3%). Nine won everywhere bar Perth. Nine extended its lead over
Seven to 29.8% to 28.2%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: My Name Is Earl held up for Seven last night in its
second outing. How I Met Your Mother didn’t – fading. Nine’s debut of The new
Adventures of Old Christine
didn’t star, possibly because of the lead in of Two
and a Half Men
. It’s a tired sitcom that deserves the fate of Joey: to die
unscreened again. Tonight it’s the AFL and the NRL for Nine v Better Homes and
and The Princess Diaries on Seven: a teenage girlie flick that will do
well in the holidays and counter the thuggery on the field on Nine. Ten has a
lot of Big Brother tonight (and Veronica Mars as a break) – I wonder how it will
cover That Story? Tomorrow night Seven has the Rugby Union test from
Christchurch from 5pm and Ten The Brady Bunch movie and Charlie’s Angels in some
markets (AFL in others) Seven has the movie Blackbeard after the rugby and the news, Nine has the movie Jack and the Beanstalk and then the tennis. Seven will
probably sneak home, but not enough to claw back Nine’s small lead.

Peter Fray

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