A P&O employee writes:

P&O Cruises is doing a gay cruise. We are finally going to the upmarket clientele, wanting to get away from the riff-raff we have had on our ships for so long now. It will be a trial cruise in Australia during March 2007 and with our new ship coming next year, we are planning to market to the more high-end income earners. P&O was reluctant to do a gay cruise, but we need to look to another market now with the Dianne Brimble case causing so much problems to our company. P&O is in damage control over all this and hopes that the gay cruise will save the company, as our jobs bookings are down 23% in the past four weeks and still dropping.

The West Australian has now become a tabloid with regular exposes of prominent Perth identities and their spouses being charged with drink driving offences. But is strangely silent when a very senior manager writes the company car off in a dispute with a lampost and blows an inordinate level into the breathalyser resulting in a charge of a drink driving offence.

NSW Goverment doing a deal to privatise Greyhound Racing NSW. Currently it gets $27.3 million from the TAB in royalities but can’t make ends meet.

Watch out for an announcement in the coming weeks. GTV9 will be selling the Richmond studios that it has called home from day one. The PBL-owned Crown Casino is heavily tipped as the replacement. They need a high profile tenant to launch the new tower and office complex. Admin would be based within the tower and the studios would be built separately.

Peter Fray

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