A man under pressure needs the odd

The Australian brings us a sad and sorry story of misconduct by two
booze-addled South Australian state MPs today.
A concerned crossbench Legislative Councillor told local ABC radio this morning
she has contacted the Deputy Premier and Treasurer Kevin Foley about
the matter. The MPs have not been named – but Crikey understands the pair are senior cabinet
ministers, no doubt severely stressed tackling crises recently in their respective

Eminently quotable:
Western Australian
Liberal MHR Don Randall is the man who gave us the line about Cheryl Kernot having “the
morals of an alley cat on heat”.
Last week he had a go at the “anarchists” in his party who are defying the
Prime Minister on immigration.
Yesterday’s Agecarried further details of a go at former frontbencher Judi
Moylan on refugee policy.
And he talked about the issue on the Law Report on ABC Radio National
yesterday where he provided us with this enticing idea:
“As Minister Vanstone has said, it’s an interesting mental picture, she’s bent
over backwards to accommodate the views of this handful of people.”

To inform, educate and entertain: What
happens when someone from the BBC who knows nothing about football talks to our
foreign minister – who knows even less – about the World Cup? Well, you can
listen to it live at the Today program’s website.
“Soccer is not a popular,
a particularly well followed game in Australia. It is very under-resourced and for our
team to get to the second round of the finals, it’s an extraordinary achievement
and we’ve won the world cup at cricket and at rugby, rugby union and rugby
league. It would be good one day to win it at soccer
but I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to see that.” Oh, Alexander!