It was October 2005. Mark Llewellyn was offered the job of running Nine’s news and current affairs by Sam Chisholm… 

Then came the next stage – a meeting with Kerry Packer: 

But before the meeting there was the little matter of salary…

… and then he meets KP… 

… who tells him how much he loves Channel Nine: 

On January 11 this year Llewellyn has his first meeting with John Alexander – the man who runs PBL for the Packer family:

Llewellyn is left feeling concerned about the potential for editorial interference in his new job:

His next challenge, a week later, concerns his decision to remove John Lyons, the executive producer of the Sunday program:

Llewellyn decides to tell Sam Chisholm about what happened:

The Lyons affair reinforced Llewellyn’s concerns about management interference at Nine:

On May 31 Llewellyn is summoned to Eddie McGuire’s office:

…and then comes an unpleasant conversation…

…and it just gets worse for Llewellyn…

…and there are a few words about loyalty:

Llewellyn gets the feeling he doesn’t have a big future left at Nine:

On Friday June 2 it’s back to Eddie’s office:

On Tuesday June 6 Llewellyn finds himself in Eddie’s office again:

By June 9 Llewellyn has lost his office…

…and a little over a week later Llewellyn starts talking to the Seven Network…

The next day word is out that Llewellyn is talking to Seven…

…and within three days the deal is done with Seven:

Peter Fray

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