New ABC Board appointee Keith Windschuttle on the ABC:

    • The “relentless and illiberal campaigns against radical views in the ABC by a number of conservative politicians, right-wing religious figures and contributors to magazines of the radical right, have continued, little abated.” – Keith Windschuttle, The Media, pub 1984
    • The thing that stands out most about this adversary cultural edifice is how much of it is publicly funded. Apart from the Fairfax press, the rest of it – the humanities departments, the film makers, the theatres, the ABC, SBS, and the National Museum – is either entirely or largely dependent upon taxpayer subsidies… – Vilifying Australia: The perverse ideology of our adversary culture
    • If it were commercialised, the ABC would not only survive, it would probably thrive. There is also the question of equity: why should those of us who don’t care for the offerings of Radio National, Triple J or The 7:30 Report subsidise others to get their political entertainment commercial free? – Vilifying Australia: The perverse ideology of our adversary culture.
    • [Alan] Ashbolt was a maverick broadcaster at the ABC, then a largely conservative organisation. Ashbolt managed to find jobs for a small group of Marxists and radicals like himself. In the ensuing thirty years that group, its appointees and values, have captured the organization. Keith Windschuttle, Vilifying Australia: The perverse ideology of our adversary culture, 2005 Earle Page Memorial Oration, delivered at Parliament House, Sydney, 22 June 2005

    ABC Board member and columnist Janet Albrechtsen on the ABC:

    • When surveyed, journalists listed, in order, the ABC’s 7.30 Report, News and Four Corners as the most pro-Labor programs … So our ABC is really their ABC. – Janet Albrechtsen, “Aunty still marching to the Left’s drum”, The Australian, 5 June 2002.
    • shows in things like story selection and interviewee selection. It has to do with how, for example, news that suits the ABC’s anti-Bush agenda is repeated ad nauseam. Those on both sides of politics agree it has to do with the ABC’s uncritical, almost fawning approach to Bob Brown and the Greens … Reform cannot come soon enough … Why have they allowed this staff-capture to go on? Why? Because it’s Their ABC, not Our ABC. – Janet Albrechtsen, “Their ABC sells staff message, not ours”, The Australian, 26 May 2004.
    • I don’t accept that taxpayer funds should be used by the ABC to present a set of social mores that are not yet broadly accepted by the white community. Especially when that presentation takes place on a children’s program … Janet Albrechsten interviewed on “Play School and the two mums“, Radio National’s Life Matters, 8 June 2004.
    • “Biased organisation” I think is an incorrect way to sum up my views. I have certainly commented on the ABC in relation to particular issues that the ABC has dealt with from time to time. And, you know I’ve raised concerns on how they presented those issues and facts and I don’t resile from making those comments at the meantime. – Janet Albrechtsen interviewed on Sunday Profile, 27 February 2005.

    Peter Fray

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