Nine: The World Cup network? The
Nine Network is going all out to make itself into the World Cup soccer network:
a sort of Clayton’s approach with lots of resources being thrown at the

the Footy Show‘s broadcast coming from Germany on Sunday night and the nightly news bulletins. But the
program with the biggest daily coverage is the Today
show, with co-host Karl Stefanovic in Germany providing live crosses
each morning, as well as other reports and news coverage. Just why the
struggling Today show is wasting money on this is
puzzling. Sunrise is using the well-performed Matt White as its
Germany link and winning the
ratings. The
difference can be seen in the figures for Tuesday morning – the morning after the
Australia-Japan game. Sunrise averaged
556,000 from 7am; Today, 275,000 from 6am. A small
change in Today‘s audience – maybe 20,000 to 40,000 higher than in
recent weeks – but Sunrise‘s audience bounced to well over half a
million viewers. So
Seven is getting a much bigger ratings bounce from its coverage than Nine, which is spending hundreds of thousands of
dollars for not much gain. Says
something about why Seven achieves more with its smaller
resource base. Perhaps the folk at Willoughby should watch the competition a bit
more closely. Glenn Dyer

State of Origin doesn’t get close to Socceroos ratings. More confirmation of the regional nature of Rugby League
with the figures for the second State of Origin Rugby game on the Nine Network last

Compared to the huge audience for the Australia v Japan game late Monday night, the audience for the League was
average. Almost
1.66 million people watched the League last night, with 826,000 of those in
Sydney and a huge 692,000 in Brisbane. For
the soccer, the audience averaged 2.166 million across the five metro markets,
with more than 790,000 watching in Sydney alone. Viewers
in Sydney and in Brisbane (and in the regional areas
of the two states) flocked to the State of Origin coverage but elsewhere in Australia it was a
yawn. Nine
only showed the game on delay in Melbourne
(104,000), Adelaide (19,000) and Perth (18,000) and the
ratings showed it. The soccer had much
bigger audiences in the southern capitals: Melbourne 590,000 plus, Adelaide 204,000 and Perth 318,000. Sunday
night’s live broadcast of the Rugby Union Test between Australia and England on Seven averaged 1.037 million across
the country, with 371,000 people watching in Sydney and 220,000 in Brisbane (the Pay
TV audience for the Rugby Union was an average 190,000 across Australia). All
three games were also watched by thousands (unmeasured) of people in pubs, clubs and other venues across the country.Glenn Dyer

Singing for Net Neutrality. “Hey,
Mr Telecom Man, God
save the Internet. Don’t
change my reality, Keep
Net Neutrality.” So sing The Broadbands, a new pop group
formed in response to the attempt by American telephone companies to gain the
right to charge different rates for different kinds of Internet content,
effectively levying a toll in which those who can pay will be better able to
reach audiences. This is part of the growing campaign in the
United States as the Senate considers whether or not to legislate to protect net
neutrality: the principal that all content on the internet should be treated
equally. A petition of more than a
million signatures is to be presented to the Senate soon. Meanwhile, left wing
and right-wing groups are combining with big companies including Google and
Amazon to fight for the principal of the internet as open highway, rather than
toll road. The Broadbands are three
singer/songwriters who want to highlight the importance of the internet to
independent artists, who increasingly are marketing their work and gaining
popularity entirely through the internet, and who might be stifled if forced to
pay for the ability to efficiently reach their audiences. God Save the Internet is their
first outing. . The song, released yesterday, is available
for free download here. It’s a hoot – part parody, part political
protest. – Margaret Simons

Questionable Nolan work sells. Maybe the buyer simply liked the
picture regardless of who did it. A small mixed media depiction of Ned Kelly, listed as a work by the late
Sid Nolan, sold last night at a Deutsche-Menzies auction in Sydney despite
questions raised about its provenance. The SMH‘s auction writer, Steve Meacham reported
today that there had been mutterings about the picture’s origins. “Some
critics say it might even be a fake,” Meacham wrote in a report that
went to press before the results of the auction were known. The auction
house confirmed this morning that Kelly with Rifle, a mixed media work
on paper, sold for $18,000 – at the very bottom end of the
estimated price range of between $18,000 and $24,000. The picture,
which is undated and signed with the single initial “N”, was once owned
by British artist Gordon House, a long-time friend of Nolan’s. House
came into possession of many of Nolan’s works over the course of their
thirty-year friendship. According to Meacham, “rumours have circulated
for years about the quality and authenticity of some of the Nolans
associated with House”. Defending the work’s authenticity,
Deutscher-Menzies executive director Chris Deutscher told The SMH that the picture had been “screened by two of
Australia’s foremost Nolan authorities … the curator of a state gallery and
Stuart Purves, of Australian Galleries”. We’d love to know the identity of the state gallery curator. Stuart Purves,
who celebrated the 50th anniversary of Australian Galleries last week, is
reportedly travelling in Italy. Crikey tried to speak to Deutscher but staff in Sydney said he was on his
way back to Melbourne. – Stephen Feneley

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: The
Rugby League did the business for Nine last night, along with the Ted
Whitten All Stars AFL romp in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The League
was the top program with 1.659 million, Seven News was second with
1.574 million, Today Tonight was third with 1.485 million, Nine News
was 4th with 1.366 million, Home and Away was next with 1.344 million,
A Current Affair averaged 1.299 million, Temptation 1.199 million and
Seven’s Beyond Tomorrow 1.108 million. The Ted Whitten game averaged
732,000 people with 484,000 watching in Melbourne (the biggest audience
there last night). McLeod’s Daughters went to air in the south as well
and averaged 707,000 viewers, 369,000 in Melbourne and 193,000 in
Adelaide where it was the biggest audience on the night. That’s why
Nine did so well in Melbourne and Adelaide. It was clever programming –
giving the southerners a regular drama and a manufactured All Star fun
AFL game. The State of Origin would not have been competitive. Seven
was very competitive from 5.30pm to around 7.30pm.

The Losers:The League skewed viewing, so no real losers. Ten’s down this week on
last week. Thank God You’re Here has gone. Its a week where Nine will
win and Ten is aiming only at its 16 to 39 target group.

News & CA:

Seven News again won nationally and in every market except Brisbane and
Adelaide. Seven was stronger in Sydney and Melbourne compared to the
start of the week. Today Tonight won everywhere except Brisbane where ACA
had a solid win. Ten News at 5pm averaged 883,000 and beat Bert Newton
(688,000) But Deal or No Deal won the slot with 992,000, which helped
push Seven News past Nine. Seven news and Today Tonight again had big
wins in Perth. The 7pm ABC News averaged 979,000 million and the 7.30
, 833,000.

The Stats:
Nine won with a share of
39.0% (thanks to the State of Origin) to Seven with 21.8% , Ten was
third with 17.8% (its third night this week with a share less than
20%), the ABC with 13.5% and SBS with 7.8%. Nine won Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane and Adelaide. Seven won Perth.

Glenn Dyer’s comments:

Nine scored well last night: the State of Origin Series is now one game
all, with the decider to be played in Melbourne next month. That will
guarantee big audiences for Nine in Brisbane and Sydney and a win that
week. Nine should take a gamble, though, and go live with the game in
Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The Storm are doing well in the NRL and
could do with a boost. Nine will win the week anyway and it would be an
interesting test to go live from Melbourne into the AFL markets. Nine
will win this week – it leads 29.2% to 25.0% for Seven – with tonight’s combination of Getaway, Missing Persons,
Hello/Goodbye and the Footy Shows.