The Winners: The last good Wednesday night for Ten for a little
while with the finale of the surprise hit Thank God You’re Here doing
Dancing With The Stars numbers last night. An average 2.13 million
people watched, while 1.842 million tuned in to watch House immediately
afterwards on Ten. Both programs blew the opposition out of the water.
Seven News was third (1.580 million) followed by Today Tonight (1.492
million), NCIS (1.375 million), Home and Away (1.349 million), McLeod’s
(1.338 million), Nine News (1.336 million) and A Current
(1.310 million). Seven’s Prison Break averaged 1.298 million
over two hours.

The Losers: The New Inventors on the
ABC at 8pm (751,000) was hurt by Thank God You’re Here. It hasn’t set
the world on fire so far this year and is off the averages of 2005.

News & CA:

Seven News won nationally but lost Sydney. Seven News won Melbourne,
Brisbane (a surprise), Adelaide and Perth. Today Tonight also won, but
had a mixed night. TT won Sydney, lost Melbourne and Brisbane (there
were turn-offs from Seven News to TT in both cities) but won Adelaide
and had a big win in Perth as usual (like Seven News). Ten News At Five
averaged 946,000, the 7pm ABC News 900,000 and The 7.30 Report,

The Stats: Ten’s night, easily. It finished
with a share of 32.5 (31.0% a week earlier), Seven second with 25.7%
(26.1%), Nine with 24.1%(25.2%), the ABC with 13.2% (14.0%) and SBS
with 4.6% (3.8%). Ten won all five metro markets last night. Seven
still leads the week with a share of 29.3% to 26.5% for Nine. Seven
should take the week by close of business midnight Saturday.

Glenn Dyer’s comments:
A funny and entertaining end to the surprise hit of 2006. Thank God
You’re Here
is pure entertainment, just as Dancing With The Stars is.
Why then is it so hard for the Nine Network to understand this
simple idea and work up a program with a similar approach? As Nine
thrashes around in self-destruct mode, it remains fairly
competitive, especially with the football this winter. Thank God’s
success helped House to its best ever audience, while NCIS also did
well, reaching a high for this year. Overall it was Ten’s best
Wednesday of the year. Tonight though, Nine will be more competitive
with Missing Persons Unit and Hello Goodbye as well as Getaway and the
Footy Shows (Eddie’s pride and joy). Seven is Lost and Ten is back once
again to hunting up viewers in the narrower 16 to 39 age group.