Christian Kerr writes:

‘s Treasurer to go? An intriguing rumour doing the
rounds says that Victorian Treasurer John Brumby will quit soon after the
November poll. Brumby, the sources say, is keen to get out on top to take a
well paid berth in the private sector – and privately paranoid that the Bracks
Government, like the Cain and Kirner regimes before it, will end in ignominy.

NSW Liberal b*tchiness. New South Wales
Liberal sources say that members of the religious right are looking for grounds
to challenge the preselection of Mike Baird in the seat of Manly. At the same
time, the stranglehold of the hard right on the Cherrybrook branch is becoming
an issue in the lead up to the Epping preselection. And members of the moderate
faction are behaving intelligently, too. They’ve stopped making Omen gags about
the religious right’s candidate, Damien Tudehope. Now they just call him

DIMA’s new commitments. Up on the
Immigration website is a nice, bright, colourful, new brochure labelled The DIMA
Listed amongst DIMA’s values is “Openness”. “DIMA will be an open organisation,
providing visibility and transparency of our processes” (sic). And currently there is a family of three held
in a secret, undisclosed location in Brisbane. This Afghan mother and father set off on
a perilous sea voyage with their sick nine year old in an attempt to get
medical care for him. He is currently too ill for surgery and is on antibiotic
medication leading up to surgery. The Afghan community say human rights
organisations, including the Red Cross, have been denied access to them. At the same
time, immigration workers are wondering when DIMA are planning to show some
openness about the new Settlement Grants Program.
Other than the vaguest rumours, the deafening silence from DIMA on a major
program that is supposed to start from 1 July has them walking on eggshells.

Australia‘s wackiest postmodernists. Wanna find out about the history of
excretory taboos in Europe of the mid-to-late nineteenth-century and their relationship to
visions of progress, bourgeois class conformity and colonial identification?
Betcha can’t wait to check out Australia‘s
wackiest postmodernists

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