People deserve to know this. SBS World
Cup Coverage will be a shambles. Yes, the games will be shown live
through the FIFA official TV feed and English commentary, but that is
where the professionalism will stop. While home studio coverage will be
hosted by regular Andrew Orsatti, the panel will consist of football
people who will do it for the love of the game, literally.

professional talent has turned SBS down. Why? Very simple: the money
SBS offered was insulting. Talent were offered $330 per show. Yes, $330
for regular TV appearances while SBS sells advertising at peak rates.
People should have a look at the line-up of panellists, and they will
see not a single professional football journalist in it. We still have
some dignity left.

People in the football business have known
about SBS practices for a long time. However, while football becomes a
profitable industry, old habits die hard.

Peter Fray

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