Christian Kerr writes:

What a difference a day makes! “It’s a good
business, it wants to grow, we’ll let it grow,” NSW Premier Morris Iemma told
the National Press Club yesterday, talking about Snowy Hydro.

“But for us the decision is, do we divert
the capital from hospitals, schools and roads? And you need to nominate which
ones – which ones don’t get built, which ones don’t get refurbished. I want that capital for investment in NSW
hospitals, schools and roads, NSW infrastructure and jobs in NSW.”

And Federal Finance Minister Nick Minchin
chimed in, too. “I join with (NSW) minister Della Bosca by saying it is better
for governments to be devoting their energies and their funds towards their
basic obligations in health and education and law and order,” he said

The capital tied up in the Snowy is going to
stay there. So, here’s a challenge for the agrarian socialists, economic
nationalists, economic xenophobes, shrubhuggers, Lyndon la Rouche fans, Cate
Blanchett and all the other Snowy sale opponents. Where will the money for
those projects Iemma outlined come from?

Oh, of course. We’ll soak the rich. (Not in
Snowy water, though. Heaven forbid.)