Christian Kerr writes:

It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure.
Yesterday, in the Parliament House Theatrette, Workplace Relations Minister
Kevin Andrews and Human Services Ministers Joe Hockey Welfare launched their
welfare to work advertising blitz that will see $9 million spent over the next six weeks – a nicely catered
launch. It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure, it’s the poor wot gets the
blame. And presumably it’s the spin doctors and event coordinators who get the
welfare. After all, they’re much more deserving. And there’s plenty more
handouts coming, going by Julia Gillard’s Medibank Private privatisation PR revelations
from yesterday .

Yesterday in Parliament. A nice
contribution in the Adjournment Debate from Labor MP for Bendigo: Mr GIBBONS(Bendigo) (4.30
pm) — “I am delighted to see my friend the member for Corangamite in his usual
adjournment mode, wandering around the government benches looking for any coins
that might inadvertently have fallen out of his colleagues’ pockets, and I wish
him well.”

The “I didn’t do it” Kid. More grubby
politics as Deputy Speaker Ian Causely comments in the Graton Daily Examiner on
his colleague Peter Lindsay’s performance in the chair during the “snivelling
grub” incident: “What happened was there was a junior member of the Speaker’s
panel in the chair last week and he should have acted quicker.” Solidarity
forever, of course, is a Labor song.