Despite countless politicians and commentators saying it
couldn’t happen, the great backflip by Howard and Iemma has happened.

It is worth reflecting that the story didn’t register much
with the media when the Iemma Government first announced the sale in December
2005 – but check out Ian
Cohen’s media release
on day one – 16
December 2006. At about 3pm that
afternoon, I distributed the Greens media release attacking the plan but there
was certainly no buzz about it coming from anyone else. The state opposition for example were
certainly not committing to oppose the sell off at that stage.

And then there was Bob Brown’s great contribution in the Senate when the issue was being voted on in the
Federal parliament. That speech, and
Labor and the Coalition lining up together to vote against the Greens, would have
gone unreported if not for this great column by Alan Ramsay.

Congratulations also to Greens MLC Sylvia Hale who has done
so much in the NSW Upper House, with inquires, motions, and the release of
confidential papers, to pressure the government on the issue. This is a great lesson to those who say the Greens can’t
achieve anything. In fact the
effectiveness of our small party working with the community shows everything and
anything is possible.

First there was the desalination plant, now Snowy
Hydro. Never doubt that a small group of
people working together can change the world.