It might interest you to know that the Qantas cleaner that has
contacted Legionnaires’ disease does work at the SACL Terminal 1. The
International Terminal in Sydney.

Today’s AFR story on housing price data
(page 46): it is interesting that the paper did not disclose that APM
is wholly owned by Fairfax and has been for some time. The summary
seems to embrace the APM methodology while other industry reports
suggest that Residex data may be closest to correct (The Sheet 1/6/06). Surely the AFR
property editor should have picked this up – it currently looks more
like an advertorial and indicates the continued declining standards of
journalism at what was once a quality paper.

Victorian Health Minister Bronwyn Pike will quit soon, not
because of fatigue as Crikey suggested yesterday, but because she is
very exposed on the matter of the unjustified sacking of a rural
hospital board in 2004. The lack of due process, and tag teaming with
Victorian Nationals leader Peter Ryan, has attracted the Ombudsman’s
interest and the report will not be pretty for either party.

See how power works in this country.

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See how power works in this country.

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