Australia Post – The ye olde world charm of snail mail underpins the
exceptional ongoing value of this thriving Australian monopoly
business. Great potential in the billpay system, flogging cheap mobile
phones and charging B-Grade celebrities to be featured on limited
edition stamps.
Parliament House – Hot air balloon tours over
this building are just one of the commercial opportunities afforded by
our national parliament. A generous lease back agreement could be
arranged (a la Centenial house).

The Institute of Sport – Developing the athetic prowess and moral
fibre of the next crop of Austrailan sporting heros. Great revenue
potential in a HECS style scheme under which successful atheless pay
the tuition costs. Excellent sponsorship potential from breakfast
cereal and condom companies.

The Australian Electoral Commission – Independent
demoracy administration service. Excellent cost saving to be made from
streamlining operations and reduding the number of electorates.
Unstable Pacific region offers great growth potential.

Sydney Harbour – Stunning views of some of
Sydney’s most valuable real estate, only moderaly polluted and ripe for
further development, above and below the waterline.

Opera House – Innovative sail design.
Questionable acoustics don’t detract from the brand value of this
famous venue. Australian Idol spectaculars, merchandising and postcards
are the potential drivers of revenue growth.

The ABC – Unleash this beast. Great backlist of
local comedy and drama to sell on the net on a pay-per-view basis.
Unlock the profit potential by removing duplication in costly news
operations. Potential to syndicate an overseas news service such as Fox