is starting to reveal its programs for the back half of the year and the main interest (depending
on your level of interest) will be Celebrity Survivor. Yes, it’s
Seven, not Nine: seems the Packer-owned network missed
that one. Seven says the concept has been around for two
years – production
started this week in Vanuatu.

It will be
hosted by Ian “Dicko” Dickson and Seven says the program will pitch a group
of Australian identities from the world of sport, television, film and politics
against each other as they step out of their comfort zone – no tents, no
sleeping bags, no tools and no food – and battle the
elements. It sounds a
bit like the after party at the Logies!

taking on the Celebrity Survivor
challenge will include Gabrielle “The Pleasure Machine” Richens, former ironman Guy Leech,
politician David Oldfield and model Imogen Bailey. Oh, dear.

Celebrity Survivor joins Seven’s new Aussie series The Real Seachange and True Blue and returning local series
True Stories, hosted by Anna
Coren. US programs Grey’s Anatomy and 24 will both start next month. There’s
also the premiere of two US comedies, My Name Is Earl and How I Met Your

won’t quite say what it has coming, but judging on what we already know there’s
Australian Idol, the end of Big Brother, the US version of The Biggest Loser,
Honey, We’re Killing the Kids from the BBC, a mini series called Tripping
, The Secretary and the Blackjack movies. No
doubt there are one or two other programs up its sleeves, but that’s the general
outline. Ten also has the AFL Grand Final and the Bathurst 1000.

And what
about Nine? Well there’s football, some cricket towards the
end of the year with the Ashes against England and more episodes of CSI, which is being rested for the next five
weeks. And of course the great Torvill and Dean ice dancing clone of Dancing With The Stars.