Final curtain for Danceworks. Maybe very few people will miss it when it’s gone, or even know that it
ever existed, but the contemporary dance scene in Australia would have been very
different had it not been around for the last 23 years. Tonight will see the final performance of the Melbourne-based
company, Danceworks, as Hilary Crompton reports in The Age.
Since it was founded in 1983 by Nanette Hassall, Danceworks has pursued
a relentlessly alternative vision, allowing many of Australia’s leading
choreographers the opportunity to develop their craft and push the
boundaries of dance without the pressure of having to please an
audience. While Danceworks certainly had a loyal following, it’s main
purpose was to provide a platform for dance practitioners to develop
the art form. Companies like this are a bit like national parks – most
of us rarely experience them up close but our world would be poorer
with their passing. After tonight the Australian performance landscape
will be a little less interesting. – Stephen Feneley

Rehame signs off.

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners:
Tuesday night and it was Seven. A dose of insecurity about our borders
and up jumps Seven’s Border Security to top place on the most watched
list with 2.033 million people. Medical Emergency was second off the
back of that with 1.833 million, Then Today Tonight with (1.651
million), Seven News was fourth with 1.593 million and Ten’s new
program The Wedge was fifth on its debut with a very solid 1.523
million (but what was it about? Fountain Gate with attitude perhaps?).
Seven’s All Saints at 8.30pm won that battle with an average 1.494
million, Nine News was next with 1.468 million. The repeat of CSI
clocked in at eighth with 1.372 million viewers and it was followed by the
new ep of CSI New York with 1.366 million at 9.30 pm (that’s where Nine
made a late charge. CSI won the timeslot easily). Home and Away was tenth with 1.350 million, just in front of Ten’s hour of Big Brother
with 1.338 million (the second half of BB was well beaten by Border
), A Current Affair was 12th with 1.311 million (and a long way
behind TT), Temptation was 13th with 1.281 million for its first
anniversary program last night. The 7pm ABC News was next with 1.090
million and Survivor Panama averaged 1.021 million and brought up the
15 programs with a million or more viewers.

The Losers:
Not Bert’s Family Feud up to 770,000 last night, close to the program’s
peak. Helped Nine in Sydney but not anywhere else. Deal Or No Deal was
on 992,000. Ten News at Five, 965,000. Survivor Panama‘s spike to 1.2
million last week didn’t last last night. Rove at 989,000 also wasn’t a
failure and the audience for this program has lifted in the last couple
of weeks.

News & CA: Seven News won nationally and
Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth (which got it over the line) Nine won
Sydney and Brisbane. However, Today Tonight easily beat A Current
. There was a noticeable turn off from Nine News to ACA and there
was a solid turn-on to TT from Seven News. This was very noticeable in
Sydney and Brisbane. The 7pm ABC News averaged 1.09 million people,
The 7.30 Report, 804,000. Seven’s Sunrise averaged 499,000, Today,
237,000 between 7am and 9am; Early Sunrise 250,000 to 111,000 for
Today Early.

The Stats: Seven won with a 30.2% share
(31.2% a week earlier) from Nine with 27.4% (28.9%), Ten with 24.3%
(22.1%), the ABC on 13.3% (13.6%) and SBS unchanged on 4.5%. Seven won
Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Nine won Brisbane and Ten won Adelaide.
Ten’s share was up thanks to the debut of The Wedge with 1.523 million
people: it topped the 16 to 39 age group, as Ten had hoped it would do.
But it was a bit incomprehensible to the rest of the audience. Just
what it was about still remains a little unclear.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: A
good win for Seven with Border Security spiking above two million
average at 7.30 pm. That’s into Dancing With The Stars Territory. There
was a 200,000 turn-off for Medical Emergency and that leads to the
question whether the higher audience (up 145,000 in the week) was
responding to the problems in East Timor and whether Australians are
once again becoming security conscious. The Timor situation worsened
late last week and has gained considerable coverage here on all
networks and in newspapers. Tonight Ten has Big Brother, Thank God
You’re Here
and House and NCIS. Ten is still closing on Nine’s share in
the 24 to 54 age group. Nine has McLeod’s Daughters, Without A Trace and
ER tonight, Seven has Beyond Tomorrow, Prison Break and over two hours
and then Border Patrol. Ten’s night.